DTH Hammer & Bits

BLACKDOG™ INDUSTRIES is a West Coast distributor for Joytech Hammer products. Blue Star Enterprises NorthWest Inc, a West Coast drilling company, has been using these products for a number of years and trusts their quality and performance.


Joytech Hammers

The JQ series hammers are similar to the IR QL series. The JQ drills approx 10-15% faster
than the JT.

The JT is similar to the IR DHD series.

There is no difference in pricing for hammers of the same size.

Click here for JQ Hammer series specs Click here for JT Hammer series specs

2" - 60"
Mission, IR,
Atlas Copco and
Halco styles



Joytech Bits

Joytech uses concave bits because of their versatility in various rock formations and natural ability to drill straight. Unless there is a special comment or condition, we supply concave bits.




Bit Parts

Foot Valves

Foot valves, also known as exhaust tubes and blow tubes are an essential part of the bit. When these plastic tubes break, it can put a halt to your job. BLACKDOG™ INDUSTRIES has a wide variety of sizes of Foot Valves in stock.



Friction Preventers

BLACKDOG™ INDUSTRIES has a wide variety of friction preventers. These preventers are very important and help protect the life expectancy of your hammer.